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1 Aug 2008 12:32 | Quote
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It's a musical flower power!
(Play laugh track)Hahahaha!
Back on track, check out Hiromi's Sonicbloom. I finally got the album and am so happy I did. Check out one of my favorite songs by them here, Time Difference.
I love the odd time they throw in there. Freaking Ingenious
To me Sonic Bloom is Fusion at it's best. Jazz, rock, funk and blues (As well as some other influences).

Time Out is a much more funk-oriented song, check it!
1 Aug 2008 12:55 | Quote
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well,they may not be the next Mahavishnu Orchestra, but from what I've heard on the videos, they sure sound like an interesting fusion band.So thanx for sharing that with us.:) Is there any particular album of their's that you'd suggest listening to?
1 Aug 2008 17:15 | Quote
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hmm. That is interesting. I love the baby grand, thats some sweet jazz drumming too. A little too fusion too me though. I like my music a little more succinct.
1 Aug 2008 20:57 | Quote
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Very trippy and impressive. It's almost like Phish playing jazz. I like it, but I agree that the could shorten things up a bit.
2 Aug 2008 00:12 | Quote
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Mahavishnu Orchestra is a big sound in them, but something a little different. It could possibly be Fuze's(the guitarists) use of those non-western sounds, he uses a double neck the twelve string has been completely defretted.

So far the group "Hiromi's Sonicbloom" has only one album "Time Control." However Hiromi has numerous other albums with different artists.
The guitarist(how I found this new group) is Dave Fuze Fiuczynski who has done even more (KIF, Black Cherry Acid Lab, Screaming Headless Torsos, etc)
I have yet to look up the drummer and Bassist's history.

Shorten it up? Haha, sorry but to hear that coming from a jam band fan seems a little odd.
I personally feel it's length is pretty well, in fact some songs I wish they did more work like it.

The stuff is so lively, I can't stop wanting to listen to it!

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