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30 Jul 2008 13:19 | Quote
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hey guys i just bought a peavy 4x12 cab. but i dont have a head yet.
i wanted to know if i was possible to hook up my peavy combo amp to my new 4x12 as the head. could i do that and if so how? thanks guys.
30 Jul 2008 13:42 | Quote
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Some combo amps can be used as heads, but I think it depends. What kind of combo do you have? You could try looking into the manual to see.
30 Jul 2008 14:15 | Quote
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Definitely try looking in the manual first... but output socket on your amp, try that.
30 Jul 2008 18:26 | Quote
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also make sure you match impediance.

sometimes on combos there will be 3 jacks to the speaker. usually 4 for one speaker 8 for 2 speakers and 16 for 4 speakers. You have to match this up on can cab. if you don't' you can blow the speakers and it will sound like crap.

there are also little impedance switcher device you can look into.

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