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What Bbb?

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25 Jul 2008 09:00 | Quote
Joined: 11 Jul 2008
probably a simple explanation, but while learning music theory i keep coming across Bbb, what the hell is that? To state the obvious normally there is a B and a Bb so whats Bbb?
25 Jul 2008 09:09 | Quote
Joined: 19 Jul 2008
b double flat?? i dno wat dat is but MEH

(meh 4 skold)
25 Jul 2008 10:31 | Quote
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Bbb is the same as an A. It occurs in a Cdim7 chord. The dim7 of C is an A, but because in C an A is the sixth note, and the seventh note would be some kind of "B" (B natural (maj7), B flat (m7), etc), it is written as Bbb (B double flat).

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