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brooks n dunn

23 Jul 2008 23:04 | Quote
Joined: 08 Jul 2008
ok, here is the novice again. can anyone break down the lead riff in neon moon. i know it is simple but it is driving me crazy with simplicity. just can't figure out how he works way from g string to high e after second chorus.

thanx in advance for any help.....halllppp!!!!
24 Jul 2008 05:44 | Quote
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I have never herd of it so I went into youtube and listen I think you want the main riff but this is what it sounds like it is doing. Not into country myself but I mange to work must of it out. It seems to be base around the following chords A, D, and E chords

If I have tab it rihgt let me know. Like I say I am not into country but I think you should get what I have tab.


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