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Question about albums

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15 Jul 2008 19:59 | Quote
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Do you HAVE to have B-Sides?
15 Jul 2008 20:44 | Quote
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Well, since albums really no longer exist i would say no. (actually the term "B side" really relates to 45 records or "singles" as they were called where the hit song was considered the "A side" and a less popular song was on the "B side")Plus i think that with the massive amount on online downloading and purchasing that the whole concept of and "album" or CD will fade and most artists will release songs individually and they will be purchased that way. it may take another year or two but that's the future of music commerce as i see it.
15 Jul 2008 22:01 | Quote
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I don't think so. As Phip said, B-Sides just usually appeared on the backside of single records as the less popular song.

Now some artists are releasing B-Sides as entirely separate albums. The Gorillaz have two B-Side albums, one called G-Sides and one called D-Sides. They are pretty much just remixes and some rough cuts of songs that didn't make it to the albums.

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