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Stuck I am just need some little hep

Music Theory
14 Jul 2008 09:42 | Quote
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If I base my solo around the E natural Minor key using the following chords progression E Power Chord, D Power Chord and C Power Chord will I have to start the solo on the root note what ever the chord starts with or can start anywhere on the E natural minor

I hope this makes sense
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Well, you can start anywhere in the scale, but one good way to make the solo really flow with the song is to play around the chords. You can do this by starting on the root note of each new chord, or by playing notes from it. In the end, this is something you may want to master, since it will allow you to improvise without having to have another instrument play the chords.

I'm trying to master this right now.
14 Jul 2008 20:19 | Quote
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Thank you
14 Jul 2008 20:38 | Quote
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You dont have to start on the root of each Power chord. Just make the E note the tonal centre meaning just stick around the E note, like ending on it.

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