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my blackheart came in !

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12 Jul 2008 07:18 | Quote
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i got the blackheart BH5H little giant 5W head

this sounded pretty dam good right out of the box,but it sounds so
much better with the triple bypass mod i got for it. i honestly have
to say this just straight up blows away my vox ad30vt in terms of tone
and power. the mod really puts it over the top. i brought it to my friend
who owns the local shop and hooked it up to a 4x12 randall cab,he took
out his nickel plated JS and played satch boogie at full power with
the mod in the marshall position and was just totally blown away by
the sound. he said it sounded just like a JSX head only quieter. i
can't wait to get the matching 4x12 when they come in. i'm gonna see
if he'll let me make a demo of him playing it this afternoon.
so hopefully i'll have a vid a little later for you guys.

i'll add some chasis pics with the mod also in a bit.

here you can see the little switch for the TBP mod just below the input jack

12 Jul 2008 12:03 | Quote
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Are these tube of solid-state?
12 Jul 2008 12:17 | Quote
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this is a tube amp,though it does have a solid state rectifier

here is the chasis

and here is the mod i soldered in. (gray wiring)

12 Jul 2008 12:47 | Quote
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haha that looks sweet !!! love the logo,
12 Jul 2008 17:36 | Quote
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the shop was too busy to get a demo of it. i swear i'll get one.
maybe tomorrow when the shop first opens. i'll call him and try to
arrange something.
12 Jul 2008 21:27 | Quote
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So these are made by Crate, eh? What do you think of it as a blues or jazz amplifier? Are they pretty much solely metal amps like most cartes?
12 Jul 2008 22:50 | Quote
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Not all crates are metal amps. Here pic like my first amp, it was a crate. I think it was their first amp. I still have it.

13 Jul 2008 04:21 | Quote
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lance will know better than me, altho his has a mod, but from what ive heard this amp stock is great for blues and rock and would need a pedal to get metal sounds.
13 Jul 2008 05:25 | Quote
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definately fantastic for blues.i never listen to jazz or have an ear
for it so i couldn't really say.
it does have a very warm clean sound out of the box upto about 6-7
then it starts to really break up nicely(70's crunch). with the mod
in place,the switch is a 3 way switch with 3 voicings
the fender channel isn't exactly fender clean because of the 12ax7
but it still sounds real nice. the maker of the mod says if you want
it even more clean with more headroom to swap the 12ax7 for a 12at7.
there are alot of demos on you tube w/o the mod to give you an idea
but i believe those vids are bone stock w/no tube swaps. it's kind of
weird how to dial in a particular sound as the volume knob also acts
like a drive knob.the cab selection has a great effect on voicing
also. when plugged into a 2x12 rivera cab with vintage 30's it sounds
much warmer and sparkly,than say the 4x12 randall loaded with 70/80's
which is basically a dark death metal cab. i might buy a used 4x12
crate cab loaded with celestion silver series speakers for $150 today
off craigslist but even those are very dark sounding,maybe a little
too dark.we'll see

i took the mod to another level,though adding yet another switch which
allows me the option to have the resistor across the volume pot or not.
when taken out it really squeals hard at full volume(full preamp gain)
13 Jul 2008 08:55 | Quote
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Now me know how the cavemen played.

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