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part of a song I'm writing

8 Jul 2008 19:42 | Quote
Joined: 07 Jul 2008
United States
Some words I've jotted over time. music is in Dmaj - kind of a light happy tone.

Verse 1

I remember times
When Id fall from my flight to the ground
I would call upon someone who wasnt around
And it seemed when Id land it would never make a sound
And I wondered if anyone out there could see me

Verse 2

Laying in the hands
Of the Earth as I begin to see
I am not the only one who has secrets to keep
As they fall I am surrounded by subtle relief
That I am not alone in this
Struggle - for comfort
8 Jul 2008 19:45 | Quote
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I like it, would like to hear it once you put music to it.
8 Jul 2008 19:47 | Quote
Joined: 07 Jul 2008
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thx les.
8 Jul 2008 19:55 | Quote
Joined: 07 Jul 2008
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I have some progressions I've been messing around with for the lyrics - actually I've been working on several other tunes at the moment, I need to jump back on these lyrics and finish!

8 Jul 2008 20:57 | Quote
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Keep 'em coming. It's nice to see lyrics with a kind of "upswing" feel.
8 Jul 2008 21:01 | Quote
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Add some more lyrics and music i think it would be a good song
8 Jul 2008 21:08 | Quote
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I like it so far.
Sounds cool.
You should finish it then record it and put some guitar in it and I think it'd be cool.
8 Jul 2008 22:25 | Quote
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United States
thx alot for the comments, its nice to get natural and mature critisism without the drama and idiocracy like some music forums, im sure you guys know what i mean. one in particular is, several years back i joined and was on the forums daily - couldnt get a word in without some idiot trying to talk crap hah.

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