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hi all new here!

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21 Mar 2006 07:19 | Quote
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hey fellow axe players! *waves* i found this awesome site on the forums for guitar chords and stuff. this site has helped me a whole lot in chords i dont know, so would like to thank the site admin for the cool sources. the metronome rocks too m/m/

i hope to get to ask you guys about guitar and be a help around here. thank you!
21 Mar 2006 07:35 | Quote
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ok ill post more of myself too. i have been playing for about 2 years now. started out as an acoustic strum for fun guitarist but moved on to electric guitar cuz thats where the real fun is :)' my gear is an sx stratocastor (korean fender imitation), sx amp and a ds-1 distortion. will be getting a tremolo, delay , overdrive and a octave pedal.

i started out with punkrock first, then it was somewhere last year that i moved to indie rock, metal, jrock and some alternative. my favourite guitarists are yngwie malmsteen, paul gilbert, steve vai and joe satriani.

my theory is barely passable but ive made some acheivements so far. i memorized the major, minor, and hirojoushi scales and got a roughly clear understanding on appregios. im not able to improvise with chords but able to improvise with appregios (on one string ^^'') my technique is fairly ok, but my strong points are my strumming, palm muting and sometimes my alternate picking.

yups thats about me
21 Mar 2006 12:27 | Quote
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sounds good, sounds good. one thing that helps, is to be able to improvize chords...and believe it or not, your already half there...its all in scales...i dont mean chord scales either... sooner or later, youll realize that all chords are just different points of a scale put together at once, for instance, the classic three string power chord, starts say, in g, the next string is half way through the scale, and the last ends again in G...its not too hard to get once you practice it...and then just figure out how to adjust chords you already know, one string at a time, by knowing the basics of scales, whole, whole, semi, whole... and so on, to be able to modify sorry if that doesnt make much sense, but ill answer any questions you have about it later...

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