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beginner scales question

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20 Mar 2006 19:19 | Quote
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Example: A Major Pentatonic

There are 5 different variations of this scale I have found that are in different areas up and down the fret board. Do I need to learn all the variations or just one cause alot of them sound the same to me.
21 Mar 2006 14:12 | Quote
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come on.. no help?
22 Mar 2006 11:09 | Quote
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It is better to learn all five positions. The reason is some positions are beter for slides, or trills, or bends, etc.

Once you learn these five basic will find that these same shapes are the same for all keys.

Your whole world will open up when you start trying other keys and then the same shapes are used but in different positions on the neck.
22 Mar 2006 13:49 | Quote
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