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A little help...

29 May 2008 22:30 | Quote
Joined: 29 May 2008
United States
Ok, i've been trying to play guitar for 2 years, i almost got it...But theres a few problems, my fingers are very small, even for my age...and alot of these chords make me reach across 1-2 frets and i dont know what to do, is there anything i can do about it or do i have to wait till my fingers grow bigger? I'm playing on a guitar almost the size of a voilin, and there STILL too small, and i;m playing left-handed on an acoustic guitar, if that helps
30 May 2008 04:48 | Quote
Joined: 20 Dec 2007
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That's a small guitar...
Keep practicing it and do finger workouts (can be found under Lessons in this site) and when you have to reach, use your pinky finger to reach the other fret.
Otherwise you just have to keep practicing and when your hands grow it will be easier
30 May 2008 05:17 | Quote
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GB is right ,all tho there are no real rule to what fingers go where ,I use my pinky for power chords cause it makes my changes easier and faster,but you may have to wait for growth,I can understand what your saying tho cause when I was young I had the same problem, all in good time dude!
30 May 2008 05:33 | Quote
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Small fingers, can't reach across the fretboard - we've all been there and we feel your pain!
Yeah, agree with GB666, it's gonna take a long time to wait for your fingers to grow bigger, so the best thing you can do is finger exercises to at least get them used to the idea of stretching and playing chords, etc.
Welcome to the forum!

30 May 2008 05:51 | Quote
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it could be ur fingers....or the position of ur thumb. my thumb is always in a strange position so i cant reach to the last string, if i move my thumb i could easly wrap my hand round the fretboard. i have big hands.
30 May 2008 17:29 | Quote
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I have really really mig hands aswell I measured them at like 8.5 inches from base to tip of my ring finger but I'd say that the thumb positioning is a big thing remember to keep it in the centre of the back of the neck and also sometimes your neck will be really thck even though the guitar itself is small this is a problem with chreap guitars try a Jackson neck it's the thinnest neck I've ever played on and it help my speed and dexterity immensly
30 May 2008 17:47 | Quote
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yeah i have a jackson and the neck is alot thinner.

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