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guitar problem

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28 May 2008 16:46 | Quote
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HI, I need help because my guitar does not stays in tuning when I am playing It, my guitar is a Hondo Fame Mastercatser (old but works) I have changed the strings and adjusted the intonation and the truss rod and nothing, any recomendation will help. Thanks
28 May 2008 17:01 | Quote
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United States
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o ye, soz to steaal ur thread, but on my sheit fender copy, shen i whammy i go outta tune, and stay ther, any reason?
28 May 2008 18:13 | Quote
Joined: 20 Dec 2007
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I think you should try different keys.
Or a locking system.
With those, if the system is "locked" you can't tune it.
It has to be "unlocked" in order for you to tune it

Oh and EMB:
Whammy bars always make your guitar go out of tune. Whamming (is that the correct word?) means detuning your guitar. Again, you need a locking system in order for it to stay. A whammy bar releases tension on the strings, making them loose and sound low... but it you dive too deep, your guitar will break. I believe it is something in the bridge.
28 May 2008 18:15 | Quote
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is it a strat copy?

if so take the back plate off so you see the tremlo springs. there should be a screw under the bridge that goes into the wood. Screw it all the way down. that should get rid of the floating bridge thing that doesn't work so well.

if you still have trouble look at replacing the tuners.
28 May 2008 18:57 | Quote
Joined: 12 Dec 2007
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the problem is that the guitar has the locking system at the headstock and the bridge is a kahler tremolo I have adjusted the springs and the same problem

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