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Sup dudes? I'm a veteran to site but first time poster.

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12 Mar 2006 21:55 | Quote
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I was just writing a thread to introduce myself and just make you aware of my status when I start postin' it up.

I've been making great use of this site, it prety much pwns hardcore as many of you know.

Anway, I've been playin' for about about a year in which only half has been highly serious. I play acoustic blue, and so far only blues, and indian style a wee bit as well.

For blues I have E minorPentatonicBlues scale memorized and the ability to transpose that scale into other keys.

I've been building custom chords all over the fretboard with my theory knowelege, which is decent.

Anway I'll quit ramblin'. And I'll see you guys around in the future.

A blues fein,
- Nic
15 Mar 2006 11:42 | Quote
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When I see blues, my ears perk up. I started playing about 14 months ago and really have taken up this guitar thing with passion. I play blues in any key, learning more intersting scales, licks, and writing music with interesting voicings (how many notes in a chord).

You have a great start...keep on strumming and have fun.

27 Mar 2006 19:20 | Quote
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You guys do know that your at the tip of the iceberg with the music theory stuff right
5 Apr 2006 11:30 | Quote
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Interesting comment:

When you look at music we all at different levels. Of course as you play blues everyone normally starts out at the standard 12 barr progression..maybe the key of E or A and play a minor pentatonic scale or spice it up with a blues scale...soon your licks sound very similar.

Personally, I am working all kinds of chord progressions throwing in chord extensions, minor blues with VIb - VI chord subsitutions, using dominent 9, 11's and 13's, even the root7#9. All the while, considering various modes to go with these interesting progressions such as Dorian for maybe a simple minor root (i)7 Dominent (IV)7 (v)7 chord progresion. Even throwing in a lick based on a Myxolydian Mode over a chord progression can be a nice new sound. Hey why not even try using a Bebop scale to have a nice transition with the 7b 7 to the next chord.

Oh I guess you get the point...what a person write hear may not be the whole font of knowledge. I enjoy this sight because I get to write about my and learn from other people...and occassionly I hit an iceberge

peace brother

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