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Can someone help with my song?

25 May 2008 20:59 | Quote
Joined: 25 May 2008
United States
I am messing with making a song, and I can't figure out what to do next. I don't know about keys, or arpeggios, so leave that out (if possible).
My song starts out like so:
hit the G chord ten times in a rythym that I don't want to type.

I'm lost from there. Any help?
26 May 2008 05:10 | Quote
Joined: 20 Dec 2007
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Why don't you try playing the G 10x, then play D 8x, then Dsus4 8x, then back to G 3x, 2 scratches, then D again.

IDK, my creativity isn't going yet today. Just got up an hour ago.
26 May 2008 08:54 | Quote
Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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A G, D, Em7, Cadd9 progression might sound good.
26 May 2008 19:36 | Quote
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u could keep on then with a mute chord metal riff and then an amazing ear blasting solo playing at lightspeed like three thousand four hundred ninety nine millions blablabla beats per second... but id rather play somethin like ur intro n then 4 measures of drums (only the sticks) then


im not to good with chords... i hoppe u like it, i suggest to change the lil solo a little each time u repeat
26 May 2008 23:29 | Quote
Joined: 26 May 2008
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Personally, I love the sounds of a B then an A

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