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Books that helped your playing

18 May 2008 22:39 | Quote
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United States
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I would like to know if anyone had a certin guitar book that drastically influenced or gave you a kick in the arse and drastically helped your playing.

Today I was digging threw some old guitar books, mostly on Technique. I am 100% self taught and never had a lesson, and it shows.

There were two different books that really helped me. The first was fretboard road maps and the second was Blues you can use.

19 May 2008 00:48 | Quote
Joined: 19 Jan 2008
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Well most things I've learned were from the internet but I'm currently trying to get one called the encyclopedia of scales and melodic tones because thats what Buckethead used to become such a prolific composer
19 May 2008 09:04 | Quote
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United States
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lol, yeah when I started playing guitar Al Gore the then vice president was just getting the internet started.
19 May 2008 10:30 | Quote
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To be honest, I have never used a book to Help my playing. I don't think books are as good as lessons. I used to have a Hal Leonard book thingy 2 years ago when I started playing, but that didn't do shit to help me. It was just those gay songs like mary had a little lamb, etc.
19 May 2008 14:34 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Burt Weedon:- "Play in a day"
The standard text for everyone in the 60's (UK) who wanted to 'knock a tune' out of a guitar very quickly."Home on the range" if my memory serves me correctly.

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