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Another beginner question

General Chat
6 Mar 2006 12:05 | Quote
Posts: 9
How can there be so many variations on one chord? Are they supposed to sound the same?
6 Mar 2006 12:22 | Quote
Posts: 24
yes they are supposed to sound the same, but the variations can be easier or harder, i would use the variation that is most common.
8 Mar 2006 15:34 | Quote
Posts: 3
like sophie said different variations of chords can be easier to play like an A open chord is easier than an A barre chord
20 Mar 2006 11:24 | Quote
Posts: 8
if your playing chords that are al well up the fret, and you just happen to need an A chord real fast, youll really resent only knowing the basic A, down at the head of the fretboard, because its slightly more time consuming to have to go down 6 frets just to throw out one chord, so its helpful to know the same chords all over the neck for easy access whenever you need it...
7 Apr 2006 14:14 | Quote
Posts: 1
really,they dont all sound the same,if you listen carefully they play the same note but at a higher or lower note
13 Apr 2006 15:10 | Quote
United States
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There are only a few basic chord variations; you just need to know how to bar and where the root notes are.

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