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New INFLAMES!!! \m/

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7 May 2008 15:44 | Quote
Joined: way back
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Anyone like INFLAMES!? Their new album is kick @ss! with a capital @. Just wonderin your thoughts on it. Its a little diff from thier former stuff but I think its pretty F in sweet.
7 May 2008 15:50 | Quote
Joined: 19 Jan 2008
Lessons: 3
Karma: 3
I thought there was a space between In & Flames anyways yeah I fuckin love 'em man thats why I'm seeing them live with CHildren of Bodom in 9 days
7 May 2008 16:55 | Quote
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Karma: 9
a friend of mine loves them.... i havent really heard them... oh... i seee. not very much my style though....
7 May 2008 17:04 | Quote
Joined: 25 Jul 2007
United States
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Karma: 38
not my favorite but i can dig them every now and again...great vocalist though.
7 May 2008 18:42 | Quote
Joined: way back
United Kingdom
Karma: 10
I like In Flames quite a bit, not heard the new album much though. I will when I get chance.
7 May 2008 18:57 | Quote
Joined: 18 Sep 2007
United States
Karma: 5
I think the new album is great, the opening riff to mirrors truth has been stuck in my head for days...

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