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Which Chords Should I Learn

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27 Feb 2006 06:36 | Quote
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hi, i've been self teaching myself for about 5 years now. i know pretty much all the basic chords, and a couple of more advanced ones but im wondering which ones i should learn. the website has hundreds so its hard to know where to start. on the same note, what scales should i learn because once again the site has hundreds
28 Feb 2006 14:43 | Quote
United States
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A, C, D, E, and G chords are the only ones you need to know because every thing else is just a barred version of one of these.
5 Mar 2006 18:01 | Quote
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I agree with Chimzar, but also don't forget your minor & dominant 7th chords, too (Am, Dm, Em - A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, & G7). The 'bread & butter' scale fingerings you should have down are the Major scale (which is really 7 scale fingerings learned total when you count the modes) and definitely your Major & minor pentatonic scale fingerings. Good luck!
6 Mar 2006 12:29 | Quote
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well i was going to say exactly wht gtrguru said but i guess i'm too late for that, but when you master them try some other chords that are a little harder like F and B, then you will be able to make some music
Good Luck

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