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Guitar Lessons and Instruction

Guitar Secrets - A visual learning experience. Guitar chords, scales, private and free guitar lessons. Video, audio and colored illustrations.

CVLS - Music instruction videos, books with CDs, DVDs, tabs, tablature, and lessons for learning on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, rock guitar, blues guitar, keyboards, harmonica, drums, snare drum, banjo, mandolin, violin, and fiddle. Free guitar lessons online on video. Free banjo lessons online on video. - Free daily guitar lessons chords, scales, and arpeggio routines / tablature. Gear, books, software, videos, links & more...

ABC Learn Guitar - Free beginner guitar lessons, plus tips and resources on buying a guitar, songwriting, recording and creating a music career.

Online Guitar Lessons - Online Guitar Lessons offers free online guitar tuition in a simple and easy to understand way, using photographs and audio samples.

Shredaholic - A site dedicated to the love of shred and virtuoso guitar playing. The site includes free guitar lessons to help shred metal guitarists in training, but is also a useful resource for any guitar player wanting to improve or learn a style of a particular guitarist. - ActionTab is free site that uses an animated fretboard to show the user how to play songs without needing to read tab or music score. - Free guitar video clips, backing tracks for jamming, exercises, scales and instructional tips.

Dolphinstreet - Guitars - lessons - videos - amps - pedals

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