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Wes Mongomery ii-V-I

by JazzMaverick

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Wes Mongomery ii-V-I
There are some very cool harmonic subs going on in this Bluesy ii-V-I by Mr. Montgomery.

What do you all think is going on in this line?

What was Wes thinking?

This has a lot to do with Dominant Cycles

Ok... here's the answer...

You can use D7/G7alt-C7alt/F7 or D7/Db7-Gb7/F7, or some combination of the dominant 7alt cycle and the tri-tone subs... that's what makes this a very fun lick!!

The first bar is tricky, it could be seen as Am7, or Am7/D7, or G7 lick starting on A. I look at it as Am7/D7 just because it fits for me in the cycle progresion, but G7 is just as right, tough to nail that first bar down to just one thing.



That sound is totally like somethng else... I don't know but it's GOOD!!

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