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Joe Pass Fmaj7

by JazzMaverick

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Joe Pass Fmaj7

A very cool Joe Pass chord lick from the tune "Have You Met Miss Jones".

Here is the full track:

See if you can find this lick in the original track!




Found it! :)
I have a question, though. When you learn a lick like this, how much do you practice it? Do you take it through all keys, applicate it in different harmonic situations, different meters etc...? Because I never have the patience to do all that stuff and that may be something that's really holding me back. :/ I guess the question is really: How do you recommend working on licks?


When first practising like that, it's almost essential to apply what you learn in every possible way. So you understand HOW it works and WHY it works with those chords, key signatures, modes and so the more you understand this the easier it will be for everything to fall into place.

Music is a very long path, and it really needs patience, dedication and ambition to make it work. So I encourage you to stick with it. But make sure you still enjoy what you do, otherwise it'll be difficult.

When working on licks I think it's a great place to start to understand exactly what notes are being played... so from there you can understand which modes and keys work best.

I hope this has helped?


Yep, thank you. I have to improve my patience I guess...

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