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Enigmatic alternate warmup, finger fun :p

by The9thstring

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Enigmatic alternate warmup, finger fun :p
This I came up with while browsing the scales section for something fun to play (BTW, thank you so much for this website!).
It's based on the Enigmatic scale in the C 3rd, A 5th, and D 7th positions, with slight alternate notes on the third string, except A 5th, which is unchanged. I find this to be a great warmup thats fun and moderately challenging for me.
The idea is to play it so that each section (of 2 strings) fits in a 4/4 time sig, so at times you'll be playing with 8th notes, and then off onto triplets then other odd combos of 8ths and triplets and I think 16ths.
The pattern has a chromatic feel at times and trains my fingers to both stretch and follow different scale patterns than I'm used to. I'm thinking of making a version which adds string skipping after I memorize this progression.
It gets a bit tricky with the 3 scale (D7) because when you are palying the 3rd and 2nd string pattern, you also add the A# on the 1st string omitting the A# on the 2nd string (shown as a ghosted note in image), but you'll play the ghosted note when playing the 2nd and 1st stirng pattern (omitting the 6th fret A#).

Comments, suggestions and questions welcome.



i recently got tendonitis,and i have been lokkin for some good warmup rehab exercises thanks bro


Good stuff man. Keep it coming!

Rock on!

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