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Just a lick I liked

by Heather

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Just a lick I liked
I'm practiceing licks more often now, to be honest I didn't exactly create this one, I found it. But I did create one similar where you hold and pluck closely and this was better then the frets I went on anyway and has the same idea. It's great for practice as it's amazingly easy and it sounds fantastic. Great if you're new to this. Pluck these in the quarter notes shown.



it does sound pretty good and with it being as easy as it is it's great for people with less experience, i'll have to show it to a friend of mine that was asking about some exercises he could do




I did mention I had to find a similar one. I don't have the software plus I thought this was better than what I'd produced anyway. This was because mine was slower, the 7th fret was a 9 and 8 believe it or not was a misplaced 6. I never took full credit for this as I said.

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