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Charlie Parker Lick

by JazzMaverick

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Charlie Parker Lick
This is a great lick, and hopefully you all know how much of a legend Charlie Parker really is. He's the one who started Bebop, was originally a terrible player, and none of the Jazz musicians would play with him, so he sat in his room for hours on end (12 at least) practiced and studied like crazy until he became the legend he's known as today.

There's more to it, so if you're interested; I recommend watching the video based on his life called "Bird" (because that's his nickname).

Anyway, this lick is from Anthropology, truly an amazing track.



Thanks Jazz, I really like this lick. And I really like the story of Charlie Parker's success, that is realy encourageing. Especially since all the other kids that play somethig by a bad coninceidence think I'm dumb just because I'm not as loud natured as they are. It's good to know someone else has gone through a passed over that.


Glad you like it :)

Keep playing 'cause I know you've got great potential!


Thanks :) Glad you believe!

Although the finale thing I have to say is if the others saw my typo mistakes I made on that comment, that wouldn't help me much at all. :D


even if your typing would be so horrible people would die just by reading it, your guitar playing can still rule.

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