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Stella By Starlight Lick

by JazzMaverick
Stella By Starlight Lick
The first bar of the next lick uses a Dm7b5 arpeggio, which gives an altered type of sound over E7 : b7, b9, 3 and b13.

In the second bar George plays a Abmaj7 arpeggio : 3, b13, 7 and #9. The use of a major 7 on a dominant chord is a bit unusual, but sounds ok here because it is part of a series of arpeggios that are used to build tension.

After the Abmaj7 arpeggio follows an Ab#5 triad arpeggio : 3, b13 and 1 going to the 9 of Amin.

You can hear this lick on George Benson's standard 'Stella by Starlight' on the CD 'Tenderly'.

Sounds weird on it's own, but sounds great to the music.



This is a V-I Lick by the way. I forgot the mention this.


really liked it. dont really get the theory...... too much 4 my brain

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