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"Song Structure basics and variations"

by E.Koreman

25 Jan 2011
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OK, good question. Hard to answer since there are a lot of songs and music can be very complicated. Let's make things simple.

You know the major scale like C major?

Now let's make chords. Make the 1st, 4th and 5th major, the others minor, skip B.
C major
D minor
E minor
F major
G major
A minor

For convenience I will call C major, F major and G major C, F and G. The minors like Dm.

A lot of songs use these chords. Example:

Just try these chords to get familiar with it and try to recognize the same kind of chords in songs.

Of course you may play in another key as well. The 1st, 4th and 5th as major chords, the 2nd, 3rd and 6th as minor. You see this a lot in blues, pop and rock. For blues music you can play a solo in a pentatonic minor over it. Say you have a blues song with F major, B# major and C major you may play these notes over all three chords:

E 1 - 3
B 1 - 3
G 1-2
D 1-2
A 1-2
E 1 - 3

I would also suggest you'd learn the circle of fifths.


Song Structure basics and variations

by therocknrollmike

I would like to be able to understand the basic fundamentals between song structures and how to compose for all the various components of songs, not in too much detail of anything just like basic principals of stuff.



how to find base note in a lead of songs and their relations of chords


maybe there should be something included in here about the basic structure of songs like verse chorus verse chorus or intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse chorus. simply written ABAB, IABABCAB.

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