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by deadman2k666

16 Dec 2009
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Well, this is a kind of silly lesson. BUT it's just some tips the i wish somebody would have told me when i first attempted songwriting.

1. Like any instrument, it takes time to get good. Remember an empire won't succeed in a day.
2. Stick to a theme, try not to wander too much.
3. Length is irrelevant, some of the best lyrics i've seen are quite short.
4. Try to use words that flow. It's much like any other form of writing, it sounds much better when it flows.
5. Write from you're heart. Music from the soul is simply epic.
6. Take pride in what you write. If an artist lacks pride in their own work, it really doesn't make the work attractive to others.
7. Write when you are good and ready to, don't force work. Sometimes it takes days, months or years to get something to the point where you feel it's acceptable.
8. Try to keep a pen and paper handy for when good lines come to mind. It's ever so easy to forget wonderful things.
9. Write when you're most comfortable.

Well that's my little set of tips. Hopefully somebody finds some use outa this.

Much Love,




this has nothing to do with guitar lessons...


this site is about more than guitar, just sayin. AND i'm assuming you actually thought there was a way to be taught how to songwrite. well there really isn't, everybody has their own way to go about it. So, congrats for pointing out the obvious, but next time i would suggest you hang around the forum a little longer before opening yer mouth.

Much Love,



Good lesson dude. Very true. I used to try to force myself a LOT. Now I just write when I feel I have something to write about and when I'm not COMPLETELY absorbed with guitar. I find that if you don't try to force it, it kind of comes to you. I'm seeing that I'm much more satisfied with my writing now than before. Still nowhere where I'd like to be though.

Thanks for posting this,



i know with myself, it takes me an extremely long time to write a song. months in fact. I use to force songs, and to be honest they had no soul, and whats music without soul


Deathrash is right though. It has nothing to do with guitar, yet I could of SWORE this whole site is dedicated to the guitar. If you're gonna post a lesson about lyrics, at least put it on a site about LYRICS. Not guitar.

Plus, you didn't even mention the word "lyrics" until step 3.

**ing dip***.


I don't see anything wrong with posting a lesson about writing songs. It's all part of the "big picture".


Im going to have to agree with phip.


songwriting is more than writing lyrics. And this is almost exactly how i write all my guitar parts. So this lesson is perfect for this site.

thank u!


although i thought this "lesson" was good, there wasnt anything here is didnt already know, its just common sence, and music without soul is pop, and most hiphop. some rap has soul to me cause they describe their lives like tupac and eminem, but all the others that talk about partying are lame and soulless


well, imo common sense isnt soo common these days

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