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Profile: Mark5

Joined: 15 Dec 2013
Name: Mark
Surname: L
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Country: Canada
City: West Kelowna
Experience (years): 44
Profile views: 964
Posts: 1

Instruments Played:

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards.

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Fusion, Funk, R&B Soul, Trance, House, Avant Garde, Motion Picture Scores.

Just to name a few of the primary influences...

Allan Holdsworth, Larry Carlton, John Scofield, Earl Klugh, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Prince, Stevie Wonder, George & Ira Gershwin. + lots more

Journey, Toto, Boston, Steely Dan, Yes, Peter Gabriel, E.W.F., John Williams,
Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Danny Elfman. + lots more


Started playing/writing guitar when i was 7.
Played and wrote AM radio acoustic type songs in my early teens.
Discovered Van Halen in my later teens, played Hard Rock/Heavy Metal for about 5 years.
I taught myself theory and moved on to Jazz/Fusion. Have been there ever since. I acquired my diploma of music (Commercial Jazz) in '92 from King Edward College in Vancouver, BC. I did this to fill the last few holes in my theory, because i couldn't find the information myself (the internet was still a fetus at that time).
Became interested in movie scoring and went into scoring indie films. Still have a huge passion for this and hope to one day score a major motion picture (i'm getting close ;).
While in my late teens, just prior to finishing highschool, i also began playing music for a living. Started in Rock bands but moved into the R&B/Funk genre where i stayed for the rest of my career (mostly in and around Vancouver & the Lower Mainland of BC). I also did side jobs with a keyboard buddy of mine that i met when we played in H.B. Concept together. We hired ourselves out as a duo for pop/jazz gigs for several years.

In 1997 the live industry dried up, clubs went to DJs. So i went into graphics & Web design. I did that for a decade or so, and still do it part time off'n'on.

At this time i don't gig professionally, wish i could though. The industry has gotten very 'small' in these parts. I work at a golf course, which i love (i'm currently a 4 handicap). I still write and play & record all the time. I'll usually write/play everything myself. (and yes, i probably AM a control freak, but this has never been confirmed!)
Current projects include personal writing/recording plus writing/recording with other local musicians.

I'm always learning, still growing, and always willing to share what i know. Current learning project is mixing/mastering properly.

My gear & studio are modest...

1984 Charvel, 1986 BC Rich, & a 2013 Godin (my new fav).
I use a Line 6 Spider Valve MKII 150 with an FBV Shortboard.
Roland ED PC70 Controller & Ensoniq TS10.
M-Audio studio speakers.
iMac using Pro Logic 9, PC using Cubase 7.
Various softsynths & plugins.

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