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Profile: kmish

United States
Posts: 4
Name: Kamal
Surname: Mishmish
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Country: United States
City: Glendale
Profile views: 2251
Posts: 4

Instruments Played:

ive played flute before but i forgot all about it because the lessons made me hate it.

but now i focus only on guitar

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

I really love older rock music and metal.
I love Led zeppelin, zz top, cream, blue oyster cult, black sabbath, judas priest, guns n roses, etc.

i dont really like new metal that much.........i hate fall out boy and all those emo bands just cuz they have no skill in their guitar.


Ive been playing guitar for only 10 months, and im doing pretty good because im teaching myself.

I love to go to the guitar shops but i dont think people like me when i go there because im not really good and their all ego maniacs. So i love going to the shops but i probably have to alternate so i dont seem like i constantly go to the same place. Its really not fair how some people are..................

Guitar hero the game is really fun in my opinion and i really hate when people say, stop playing it focus on real guitar.........well what other way to get you into music than actually feel like playing the song?? guitar hero has gotten me to like bands like white zombie, franz ferdinand, and all this other new stuff i said i probably wouldnt like.

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