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Profile: GeRs

Joined: 26 May 2010
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Country: Greece
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Instruments Played:


Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Metal,Rock,Black Metal,,Funk,Classical,GOOD MUSIC

Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Deep Purple,DIO,OZZY,Megadeth,Rainbow,Yngwie Malmsteen,Steve Vai,Venom,Dimmu Borgir,Cradle of Filth,Helloween,KISS,W.A.S.P,Twisted Sister,Motley Crue,Skid Row,Led Zeppellin,Rolling Stones,Pink Floyd,Red Hot Chili Peppers,B.B.King,Blue Oyster Cult,Slayer,Motorhead,Saxon,Firewind,Heaven and Hell,Ramones,Misfits,The Doors,Children of Bodom, and MANY MORE.


My name is George and I'm from Greece.I've been playing guitar for about a year and half.

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