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Profile: thefixer

Joined: 14 Mar 2010
United States
Name: Bruce
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Country: United States
Experience (years): 30
Profile views: 1205
Posts: 1

Instruments Played:

Me , a Strat of course, are there others?

My Kid, a black painted broomstick with strings (I think my ex use to fly around on it). Ibanez, ever hear of them? Don't worry when she makes it past the second year ,she gets a real guitar! lol

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Me , Jazz,Blues and a lil classic rock

My Kid, Pop cut her a break she's only eleven!


Well I'm here for one reason only! Been teaching my 11 year old daughter how to play, but even with her first show at her school, bringing down the house (by the way) she still doesn't want to listen to an old guy. So who knows maybe she will listen if you guys are telling her the same thing I am.
Tks. B

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