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guitar, bass, keyboard, drums,

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R&B,country,soft,instrumental,jazz,- - - - all gospel


I remember my prayers. I was at the front pew in my church one evening when my brothers and the other young people are practicing for the Sabbath worship. I was sitting there just watching them as they play their instruments. I can say it's a God-given talent. I really am impressed and blessed actually.
That night was different from all the other nights i stayed and watch for in my heart, with all my heart, i prayed to God...
"One day I will stand up in there and play for the Lord...I will be also in their place for You.." i can still remember the night and the feeling.
and to tell you, God heard me...and I am now one of their successor in the Worship Team as the Music Director.
I may never have entered one of the glamorous Music School here and abroad but what i am so thankful for is that, God give me a gift that only He can take.
And I have learned a lot on How to live life with that certain gift, priceless one. As i grew older and find the reality of the world and music, I can say a lot of people out there are better than me, excellent and has all the quality to have such a name proclaimed to be the Best...
But one thing i desire and that would last till my last breath is gone,,,, to continually give glory to my God and sing and play for the Lord with PASSION and ANOINTING!!!!!!!!

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