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Profile: Druox

Joined: 24 May 2009
United States
Licks: 1
Name: Dreux
Surname: Ferrano
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Country: United States
City: Andover
Experience (years): 2
Profile views: 1810
Posts: 4

Instruments Played:

Guitar, Violin, Trombone, Bass Guitar, Cello, Flute, Piccolo, Trumpet, Drums, and Keyboard

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Tenacious D, GWAR, King Diamond, Lordi, and Judas Priest

Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Neo Classical


I'm a guitarist/composer who mostly just wants to make a band's dreams come true through my writing and playing ability. I have had a few years of experience with writing and I've uploaded many tracks to sites like Soundclick, Youtube, and Newgrounds. I've been in the top 10 list on soundclick in the metal genre, And I'm a well-known musician/voice actor on youtube.

Some links to my stuff:

Voice Acting Resume:

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