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Profile: swamplitter

United States
Posts: 1
Name: Pogo
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Country: United States
City: Floral City
Experience (years): dk
Profile views: 1583
Posts: 1

Instruments Played:

Ibanez Jet King

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

most of the punk and alternative rock bands and of course the classics like Pink Floyd,The Stones and Ozzy


All about me huh? I'll start by saying I love my Ibanez, it's the smoothest guitar i've played . I have a Line 6 POD and a 40 watt Marshall. it's perfect for my living room which is where it stays. Im married w/ 2 kids 3 horses and 1 leg. hince the name Pogo. I lost it in a motorcycle accident last year. Which leaves me plenty of time to play my guitar so its all good.
By the way, I miss my scooter more than the leg.

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