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Profile: jeb

Posts: 4
Name: jeb
Surname: ini
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Country: Canada
City: vancouver island
Experience (years): 10
Profile views: 1831
Posts: 4

Instruments Played:

guitar,slide,banjo,bass,drums. harmonica, ukelin, fiddle/violin
melodian , accordian , whatever i get my hands on.
jews harp/kazoo action wash tub bass,jugs.

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

blues, metal(blind gaurdian) odd classic rock , blodwyn pig, Uriah Heep,Jethro tull, Focus

Blind lemon Jefferson ,Johnny shines, ( guy in photo) robert johnson, charlie patton, fats waller, clapton. Bukka white, sid hemphils,

Mississipp fred Cmdowell, Uncle dave macon, , woody guthrie, arlo guthrie. Freddy fender, jimmy vaughan, jimmy rogers, little walter, leadbelly Bama .

Rushnychok ( ukrain/canadian 70\\\\\\\'s rock/polka)
Gypsy romany music. etc etec


Self taught, always learning, Well travelled/read.
HIstory nerd, roots music. Mushroom finder, researcher.

I collect old instruments , find their story then learn to play them . Dutch italian irish , heritage. Ich kanst sprechen batje nederlands und kleine deutsch .

Played alot of punk rock and thrash metal ( everybody solo)
Now tryin to study music in it\\\\\\\'s roots age blues, prison/levee camp farm folk music.

Hopin to study @ Uvic and preserve music that has made our music today.

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