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Profile: sonicreducer

United States
Posts: 15
Name: rAleiGh Chance
Surname: harrIs
Gender: Male
Age: 25.
Country: United States
City: Skull Bone, Tenneesse
Experience (years): 6
Profile views: 2204
Posts: 15

Instruments Played:

Tenor and alto saxaphone, drum set and electric bass. some six string and harmonica. love to sing and write.

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

i like grundge but thats dead, metal is cool if its the right kind. Meat puppets, jesus and marry chains, stp, alicenchains, canned heat is the shit to i love music old and new. eclective shit, regagge punk, sublime ...kurt cobain and pete townsend bunch of art out there even to be discovered yet


wondering free spirt parents dont excist here anymore. i love being in an altered state of almost any kind but dont like being strung out. have trouble keeping a job. sex maniac and substance conesuer. just getting by waiting for my turn and something more.anxiety sux. money sux too. i hate orginized relgion but there is other panes for soulz to dwell. I dont feel guilty and jesus is a load of shit. Life is boring i just want to do what i love and speak my dreams. and i want that to be enough to be satysfied in this dull opiant orgasim

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