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Variations -

Eric Clapton - Layla
Am F G Abm Ebm C#m F# B E

||: Am F G Am :|| Am F G Abm Abm Ebm What will you do when you get lonely Abm G A B With nobody waiting by your side C#m F# B E You´ve been running and hiding much too long, C#m F# B You know it´s just your foolish pride. E CHORUS: Am F G Am Layla, you got me on my knees. Am F G Am Layla, I´m begging darling please. Am F G Am F G Layla, darling won´t you ease my worried mind. Abm Ebm Tried to give you consolation, Abm G A B Your old man won´t let you down C#m F# B E Like a fool, I fell in love with you, C#m F# B Turned the whole world upside down CHORUS Abm Ebm Let´s make the best of the situation Abm G A B Before I fin´lly go insane. C#m F# B E Please don´t say we´ll never find a way C#m F# B And tell me all my loves in vain CHORUS

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