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Variations -

Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
Bm  A  G  A7  D  Bm7  E7  E  D7

Bm A G A7 D She would never say where she came from Bm A G A7 D Yesterday don´t matter if its gone Bm7 E7 A Bm7 E7 A7 While the sun is bright or in the darkest night D A E No one knows, she comes and goes D A7 D Goodbye Ruby Tuesday A7 D Who could hang a name on you A7 D7 G When you change with every new day A7 D Still i´m gonna miss you Don´t question why she needs to be so free She´ll tell you it´s the only way to be She just cant be chained to a life where nothing´s gained And nothing´s lost at such a cost Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, who could hang.... There´s no time to loose i heard her say Cash your dreams before they slip away Dying all the time lose your dreams and you Will lose your mind, ain´t life unkind Goodbye Ruby Tuesday....

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