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Guitar Licks
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Member Name Licks
6StringEvil      Sa-Re-Ga-Ma Lick :)
Admin      Crossroads Guitar Duel
AlexB      Diminished String Skipping Tapped Arpegg
     Neoclassical Sweep/String Skipping Lick
Alvarez1991      Chill and addicting
Ambientrage      Albert's Bedtime / The Night Feast
     Bones From The Coop
     Bare Wedged Bones
     Wooden Shed's Lullabye
aterrell      pretty, then brutal
Barrycello      Randomness.
bazdesh      Simple lick in G
blackholesun      For Guitarslinger124
blskeith      bluesy kinda thing
BodomBeachTerror      2 neoclassical licks
btimm      Little Blues Lick in E
case211      Betcha can't play this(A Harmonic Minor
     An unusual Pentatonic lick
     Blues Scale lick
     Case's Signature Sweep licks
     A minor/C maj. sweep trill
     Cool E Minor lick
chanman09      pretty cool lick im using 4 my song!
col._sanders      little blues lick
CTown      Warm Up Blues Scale
Danielfly      Good Stretch Exercise
DarkRiff      MAB style (Sweep Arpeggios)
     A Riff and Lead Lick
davidf      Random Blues
deadheadphishphan      minor shred
     hendrix/jack johnson stylee
DivineMetaphysics      Bb Minor Neoclassic lick
     Tapping Melody in Abm
domination2236      arpeggios from hell
Druox      Breakdown Riff Practice Lick
DSheffar      Blues solo w/ rythm in A - (Intermediate
Duff      My first song that i learnd
      Cool tapping lick (only on e chord)
     Blues Ending
     A very sweet sound ...
dukenoche      Simple Fingerpicking Lick
edmanic      Variations on Marbles
     Pieces With a Celtic Feel
emanuelm      Pentatonic E pseudo-blues
EMB5490      cool tapping thing
Enfir      Bm Song Intro
     Catchy Intro Lick
     Nice Little Am Solo
     Some Random Little Solo
     Rythmic Lick
esric      Lullaby
Fintrollx      Really cool and heavy lick! --Check it O
foogered      The Pink Panther
     Texas Blues
     Stevie Ray Vaughan Licks
     3-String Sweep Practice in C Dorian
     Pick Up The Pieces
     Cissy Strut
     Delta Blues
     Road Song
     Introduction Lick
     Slap Harmonics
     Common Licks and Bends
foxtar100      my first arpeggio
GRX40      Easy Metal Lick
gshredder2112      necoclassical violin lick
     blugrass lick
     Cmaj arpeggios
GuitarGeorge      Bluesy Phrygian
     Mixolydian lick in C
     C Major 9 Arpeggio
GuitarKid      My Lick
Guitarslinger124      In The Style of Me
     Pretty like a Rose
     Sweeping/Alternate Picked Lick (Em)
     Dreamy Eyes
     Rinse and Repeat
     Symphony of Bells
     Diary of a Madman
     Pentatonic/Blues lick in E/A minor *fixe
     Something to think about
     All Mixed Up
     Intro to Fight Scene
     Quicky in A minor
     A cool little ditty
     None To Flashy
     Blues Baby
     Ready For Take Off
     Cool lick in A#
     Repeating C Dorian Lick
     Magic 7th's
     Epic March (Fm)
     Birds and Bees Don't Like Pie!
     Slay the Gods
     Cool lick in Em
     Blues Shred Lick
     ala` Steve Vai (not really his sound, bu
     Em blues with G# tendencies
     Cool Shred Lick in A minor
     Classical Endevours
     Em sweep with harmonic tendencies
     Am with a twist
     No one checks these licks out anyway!
     tapping lick good for blackholesun
     Smooth Jazz lick
     Drama...I'm in love.
     Ides of Suicide Lick
     Just a cool sweeping thing in Em
     cool little thinger in Em
     Classical/Progressive Metal Lick
     A Riff For You
Guitar_Demon      Mysterious Theme
     Fantasy Mini-sweep/arpeggio
     Final Fantasy Arpeggio
     Play Like Dimebag Darrel
gunslinger      alimony children
Heather      For the very beginner
     Just a lick I liked
HeavyGuitar      Lick in B minor
     6 String sweep, slide, tap lick:)
houten95      Rock-Blues in A7
     Rock-blues in Gm7
Hrothgarth      Ich weiß nicht, was ich soll dieses Lied
IcedShredder      Cool Dminor Arpeggio Thing
     E Minor Sweep, String Skip
ishredguitar      sick lil' ditty
     For the ones Who Love It HEAVY!!
jacothy      Beelzeboss Fast Lick
jamesrue      E-major pentatonic variation (the correc
jaxjaguar713      storm the castle
     storm the castle 2nd version
JazzMaverick      II-V-I in C
     Major Lick
     Wes Mongomery ii-V-I
     Charlie Parker Lick
     Phrygian Lick
     Eb7 Freddie Freeloader
     Les Paul Lick
     The Shadow of Your Smile
     Bill Evans Lick
     Upper Structure Triad
     Triads Lick
     Harmonic Minor to Maj7
     Joe Pass Fmaj7
     Django V-I Lick
     Charlie Parker II-V-I Donna Lee
     Chordal Cadence
     ii-V-I John Coltrane.
     All The Things You Are: Bossa Nova
     II-V-I Stella By Starlight
     V-I Lick
     II-V-I m7b5 to Lydian
     Smooth Chromatic Lick
     Wes Mongomery voice leading II-V-I
     Wes Mongomery II-V-I
     G Bebop
     Pat Metheny- Third Wind Lick
     G Dominant
     II-V-I with Diminished
     Barry Finnerty Dm11 Lick
     Stella By Starlight Lick
     So What
     Dorian Lick
     Minor Lick
     Minor II-V-I
     John McLaughlin II-V-I
Jemba      Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions I
Jkshoe      C Minor Lick, Sounds Familiar...
joedelbucohemond      Shred or dead - Lick 1
     Shred or dead - Lick 2
Johnnymcnay      Song
     Some Guitar Licks I wrote.
johnnysixstring      drop d rock groove
     just some song
     E locrian to G locrian scale (octaves)
     pentatonic riffing
     short and easy guitar solo
     guitar solo in the key of A#
     melodic metal!
     shredding in E minor (metal)
JointChiefOfFunk      cool Dm lick
     incredibly versatile kind of jazzy lick
     my stab at "jazz"
kallofktulu      first lick
kibbytown      hammer on, pull off
knocKOut      Medieval Lick
les_paul      arpeggio riff
     just a simple blues lick I came up with
Littlewing      Diminished Arpeggio sweep
     Yngwie style licks.
     Ritchie Blackmore style
     Angus young esque Pentatonic lick
     E minor descending Riff
ludorino      Easy Pentatonic Lick
madguitar      Synyster Gates Inspired Shred Lick A Min
matt8675      Bluesish
     F # minor arpeggio.
MetalLick      Amaj7 in 3 octaves
     Arpeggio in D major
     Death Drop
     A Minor Echo
     My first C major experience
metalman167      string skip/tap
     Veil of maya type riff
     Simple but fun sweep/tap
     spice up your sweep arpeggio with taps!
Mezzie      Trying some more tabs (In G)
     Have Fun
     some tapping
michaelcollins      Tell me what you think
MonkeySauce      Blues Lick 2
     Blues Lick 3
     E Lick
     Blues Lick 1
     1950's Lick
MoshZilla1016      Pentatonic Note Skips in C Major
     I IV Bop In C
     Tapping Lick
     EbMaj7 Arpeggio
     DMAJ7 Intro
     Major/Diminished Triad Harmony
     Tapping Lick Too
     Touch Harmonic Blues
     Another Blues Thing
     Melodic Intervals
     Mixolydian 2 Octaves
     Smooth Dmin7
     D Minor Exotic
     Blue 6th
     Chromatic Blues II
     Chromatic Blues
     B Minor Cliche
mr.money47      Talk by Coldplay
     Ghost Of The Navigator By Iron Maiden
nigo      I made this up!!
Nutter166      Bass line style intro
     Am chord form, darkish
ospreysprophet      g minor pentatonic jam riff
ozliver      Cool Lick
Ozzfan486      A riff I came across.
padgea7x      Some cruddy warm up excercises!
patleh      Regenerator
PhiniusMaster      Sweet n' Dirty Lick!
pronzassassin      Liberty
PuRe      Lick in the key of A
quantumshred      viking riff
Rawd      Em thing - open chords
RelaxedDude      Melancholy Fingerpicking
     Country Lick of 09
Remn      From Guitarslingers: Trickster
     Just Another Day's Composition 1
     Indiana Jones Theme
Rshred      Beauty and the Beast
     A# blues
     The Bull
     North to South
ruarobot234      cute little guitar lick
scottgunter      Diablo
scottslayer      Fine, fast lick
scr1m3      My first contribution - Finger picking a
     Another unfinished
Stiers      Versatile Sweep modulation from Am to Dm
sTx      Zakk Wylde Lick - Pentatonic
sweetness_man      Lick of Darkness
Sylver710      Finger Pickin' Fun
TANCLAWS      Shadow
     Keep It Simple Stoopid
     4 String Sweeping
     Chromatic Tapping...
Tenichi      12 String (1st Try @ Writing)
The9thstring      Enigmatic alternate warmup, finger fun :
T_RevG87      THird Eye Blind - Jumper
UGOL      Intro to Jerry's Breakdown
UltraOmega      Stochelo Rosenberg - D7 Lick
V3N0M3333      short blues lick
     Nice sounding indian type lick
     V3N0Ms SHRED! Lick #1
     finger trick-up
     A harmonic minor lick
     "slot machine"
     ENTIRE neck Emin Pent
     pedal tone lick
     Descending pentatonic
     pedal tone and sweeping
     blues lick
     V3 jazz lick for GS2112
     A7 string skipping
     Solo Ending
     New Diminished Sweep
VAdim      Metallica Nothing Else Matters INTRO
     GodFather theme
vector2      B minor pentatonic solo
Veqq      Neo Classical thing
     Thrashy Lick
     Solo intro Lick
     Prog Riff O Death
     Iron Maiden esc thing
vincejonesiii      Sweeps
Walkwithme      Short A Pentatonic Lick
     Through the Fire and the Flames Intro
     Easy Em Sweep
     Metal Riff
     Christmas-y lick
Zaragod      B flat Major Sweep Arpeggio
zkman      Arpeggio lick in the key of G major
     Tremolo Picking Octave Harmony Lick In A
     Sus2 Tapped Arpeggios
Zolume      Scratch&Sniff Lick in B Minor
Zula110100100      Simple slides and chords in Gmaj scale

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United States
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Karma: 38
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Karma: 47
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Licks: 19
Karma: 16

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